2011 Annual Protecting Our Children Conference Poster

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About the Artist: Percy Avugiak is originally from Chefornak, a Yup’ik village located on the southwest coast of Alaska. When he was young, he enjoyed drawing and carving ivory, wood, and soapstone. He earned a bachelor of fine arts degree focused on Native arts and painting from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2006. He works in a variety of different styles including carving, painting, jewelry, and other original arts and crafts. Of his art, Avugiak says, “My work reflects my village life and experiences I’ve had throughout parts of Alaska and the artistic knowledge I have gained in college. Through my work, I hope to attract an audience to new forms of Native art, especially youth whose contemporary culture includes comic books, movies, and video games. Although the subject matter is new, my work will reflect a Native humor found among villages in rural Alaska for decades.”

About the Conference Image: “Protecting Our Children” is an acrylic on canvas painting, measuring 24”x36”. There are three children and a mother invitational dancing, with drummers in the background. They are Inupiaq Eskimo dancers. The drums that are over the dancers are meant to look like halos. The colors are balanced throughout the painting. It is a traditional Alaskan Native abstract perspective.