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2018 Conference Poster

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About the artist: Apayo Moore is a Yup'ik artist from Bristol Bay. Her main subjects reflect the subsistence lifestyle and ancestral commitment to live as a part of nature. She has history as a commercial fisherman, activist for subsistence preservation, and has dedicated her life to learning the Yup'ik way of life. She received her BA in Art-Business in 2009 from Fort Lewis College. She lives in Aleknagik, Alaska, creating art and raising her two children. Visit to see her artwork.

Artwork Description: Created in 2015, “Our Provider,” is a self-portrait which examines cultural identity through pale complexion and light hair. It is a reminder of stereotyping and being aware of people who were raised to be Yup'ik and identify with their native heritage despite their looks. The moose is a metaphor for a successful provider who feeds his family through subsistence.