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Positive Indian Parenting: Honoring our Children by Honoring our Traditions

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This model Indian parent training manual draws on the cultural strengths of Native American child rearing. The material in this curriculum has been developed through extensive consultation with tribal elders, Native social welfare professionals and parents. The result is a manual that provides Indian parent trainers with information on how to conduct and organize parent training, background reading on traditional and modern parenting, lesson plans, handouts, and exercises. Focused on the positive values of the traditional ways as a model, the curriculum seeks to help parents decide for themselves what kind of parenting they want to use.
330 pages, loose-leaf, three-ring binder.

The curriculum is divided into eight sessions requiring two to three hours each. The manual is bound in a 3-ring notebook, allowing easy photocopying of handouts and exercises. The material suggests a philosophy for parent trainers and promotes respect, family unity, and pride in our traditional ways.

Session I: Traditional Parenting
Session II: Lessons of the Storyteller
Session III: Lessons of the Cradleboard
Session IV: Harmony in Child Rearing
Session V: Traditional Behavior Management
Session VI: Lessons of Mother Nature
Session VII: Praise in Traditional Parenting
Session VIII: Choices in Parenting